Panchakarma cure — purification through Ayurveda

Dr. Medi­men­tum
Pan­chak­ar­ma lite­ral­ly means “fiv­e­fold action” and is part of a cle­an­sing regi­men of the traditional […]

Together against Corona. #Impfenschützt

Dr. Medi­men­tum
The Cha­ri­té is in the midd­le of the fourth wave of the pan­de­mic: The number […]

Clinic management briefly explained

8He­alth-Manage­ment UG
The Cli­nic Manage­ment Aca­de­my offers online trai­ning for mana­gers in hos­pi­tals. We spe­cia­li­ze in extra-occupational […]